Mentor Program

4721740981_fe41ea9b57Without the proper direction, career management can be a difficult, a time consuming, and an ultimately frustrating job. Providing an avenue for our members to find mentors will supply a valuable perspective to the careers of these members. The Chamber Rising Professionals and other partners are working together to provide a mentor program that will educate members on what makes a good mentor, help connect young business professionals with trained mentors, and help both parties develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Since December of 2007, we have matched twenty-seven Chamber Rising Professionals with community leaders in the city. The mentor program will be a place where the best and brightest from a variety of generations come to connect.

Mentor Committee:
The Mentor Committee matches mentors with mentees once a quarter with a training session to follow. The mentors are community leaders and are matched according to member’s current job title and their “dream job and title.” Mentor/Mentees are matched once a quarter. This committee meets the last Wednesday of the month at 8:00 a.m. If you are interested in joining a committee please contact us at 719-575-4316.

Mentorship Application